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Experienced HVAC Installation for Air Conditioners

When it comes time to replace your air conditioner, you want to make sure that you are considering the brand, type of cooling system, size of the AC unit, the SEER rating, and the price. But the most essential part in choosing a new air conditioner for your home is selecting the right Troy air conditioning contractors to install it.

Best AC Installation Company in Troy,IL

For immediate air conditioning service in Madison County and the surrounding areas, call us right away at (618) 417-7276.

Get an AC and Furnace installed for as low as $130/month

Our team will sit down and go over the many different options in choosing a new cooling system, and will make sure to apply all current rebates, incentives, tax credits, financing, and coupons to the price!

Zac was incredibly thorough with everything and explained exactly what was happening. He was quick with his work and everything was done perfectly!

Very knowledgeable and professional. Fast installation and everything looks like it was always there.

Showed up on time for the appointment. Was very polite and helpful. He actually explained everything he was doing while he was doing it. By far the best customer service I have ever experienced with an HVAC company.

Expert, professional and timely service. That is what we provide. That is what you deserve. 

Highly trained professionals,  always learning through others and continuous training, is just part of the reason we call ourselves experts. 

Top Air Conditioner Repair Near Troy, IL

Warning Signs Your AC Needs Replacement

  • Your Air Conditioner is 10 years or older – the average time span of an air conditioner is typically 10 years

  • Large components need replacing such as a coil or the compressor

  • You need to add refrigerant, a large amount, year after year

  • AC not blowing cold air

Prolonging the Life of the Air Conditioner:

  • Annual air conditioner maintenance

  • Changing your air filter regularly

Different Types of AC Installations Available

Illinois Cooling Experts understands all that goes into installing air conditioners, and we will advise on the best AC replacement to get you through the hot Illinois summers. You can rely on Illinois Cooling Experts to install an air conditioner that is not only energy-efficient but will provide comfort for you and your family all summer long.


You can request a free estimate anytime with our Project Managers by filling out our quick online form.

Ductless Air Conditioner Installation

Ductless AC systems are becoming much more popular in the midwest. These air conditioners are installed without ductwork and provide cooling and heating.


They are great to put in a home when you are adding on a home addition, sun room, or not getting enough air flow to the 2nd or 3rd floor. Also great for garages and workshops!

An AC Installation contractor can perform a Ductless AC installation in your entire home as well. To learn more about ductless air conditioning and a ductless AC install, visit our ductless air conditioner page or call 618-417-7276.

Heat Pump Installation

Heat Pumps can provide both air conditioning and heating for your home. They are a very efficient way to heat and cool your space. Heat Pumps transfer heat inside and outside your home. Heat Pumps are very quiet in their operation and environmentally friendly.

Call us today at 618-417-7276.

Our AC Unit Installation in Troy Handles Most Brands

Our experienced AC technicians are trained to service and repair nearly any type or brand Air Conditioner. Some of the many brands we service include:

FAQ’s About Air Conditioning Installation

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